The Immune System & CBD

The immune system protects our body from outside invaders and diseases from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins. It is made up of many different organs, cells and proteins that all work together.

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4/13/20213 min read

The Immune System & CBD

The immune system protects our body from outside invaders and diseases from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins. It is made up of many different organs, cells and proteins that all work together.


Innate immune system - first line of defense that you are born with. Triggered by general threats or antigens. Our body uses physical barriers, like skin and mucosa, to protect us from external invaders in the environment. Internally, we have leukocytes and other protein receptors to identify and attack pathogenic invaders. Once the invader is dead, the body forgets and is not prepared to fight that particular germ again.

Adaptive Immune System - acquired antibodies are created by B-Lymphocytes and T-Cells when your body is exposed to invaders, or when given a vaccine. The adaptive immune response has memory, unlike your innate immune system, and recalls specific pathogens. This action provides protection against recurrent infection by using very specific targeting of certain threats (think common cold or measles for example).

Another adaptive type is “Herd Immunity”. When a vaccine is given to a significant percentage of the population, they build up immunity and do not get sick. They are unable to infect others. Herd immunity can also be acquired when 70% to 90% of the population has been exposed, infected, and recovered. This results in a large portion of the population that cannot spread disease. Those not exposed or vaccinated benefit from indirect protection, or herd immunity, and are protected from contagious person to person spread. Adaptive immunity takes time to develop, sometimes several weeks, and is long lasting. 

Passive Immune System - transfer or introduction of antibodies from one person to another. Passive immunity can occur when antibodies from the placenta or breast milk are naturally passed from mother to infant. Another route of passive protection is through the transfusion of blood products from someone that already has developed antibodies to another person. Passive immunity is immediate but typically not long lasting.


As we age, the Immune System response is reduced making it more likely to contract infections.

T-cells to fight off infection are decreased. Vaccination efficacy is not as effective. Malnutrition leads to decrease in micronutrients. This can be caused by:

-Inadequate food intake
Food choices that lead to dietary deficiencies
Illness that cause increased nutrient requirements
Increased nutrient loss
Poor nutrient absorption


Studies show numerous ways to boost your immunity:

-Stop smoking to limit cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary risks

-Eat a balanced diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting processed foods 

-Exercise regularly. 20 minutes a day can reduce inflammation and support the immune system

-Maintain a healthy weight/BMI

Drink alcohol in moderation

-Get some sleep! At least 7 hours or more daily

-Practice anti-infection strategies like washing hands and cleaning high touch surfaces regularly

-Minimize stress 

-Stay hydrated

-Get enough micronutrients (zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, vitamins A, B6, C, and E)

-Don't overdo it on supplements

Winter months & cold temps may put you in closer contact with others while you are indoors, which may pass along germs more easily.


The body understands, seeks, and readily absorbs non-synthetic, natural substances to regulate. This is a very big deal! Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is the Master Regulatory System responsibly for modulating all functions of the body. By providing the right natural resources, we can manipulate our ECS to function at its best. Our immune system is thought to be regulated by the ECS.

Considering we have experienced a global viral pandemic, this knowledge of modulation is very valuable. A healthy immune system is our best defense at an attack on our body.

At Texas Canna RN, we carry several products formulated after extensive research of scientific and medical data. Bioceuticals (non-pharmacological alternatives and plant-based medicines) may help your body optimize areas of human function. 

Incorporating specific plant and seed oils, in conjunction with CBD, may assist effective and targeted relief without the use of harsh toxic chemicals. 

Give your Natural Killer (NK) innate immune cells a boost! Natural herbs and plant extracts have been shown to have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. This may help NK cells do their job in eliminating abnormal cells, include those virally infected or tumorigenic. 

For more info, education, clinical data or product suggestions, please contact us at Texas Canna RN